Ippodromi SNAI

Diamo un calcio all’omofobia
12 Aprile 2016
Tu e Rocco Siffredi
22 Febbraio 2018

Some of the products made for SNAI racecourses: Milan racecourse, La Maura racecourse in Milan and Sesana racecourse in Montecatini terme. Various concepts to advertise the numerous top competitions taking place during the year. Lateral has created the book of the Centenary of the Sesana Racecourse of Montecatini Terme, made all the materials of the new communication course and of the "hippodorms" brand and consequently the graphic info of the entire Sesana racecourse. We organized and managed the presentation event of the new betting app for SNAI racetracks: creative, logistical concept, managed and bribbled the staff for guerrilla marketing in the racetrack car parks and for welcoming the public, made all the materials for the event, a giant cell phone was created and engineered to cover the giant screen at the edge of the track.