Tu e Rocco Siffredi

Ippodromi SNAI
19 Maggio 2016
22 Febbraio 2018

The summit meeting between the Irish giant of online gaming and our local petting monument began with the video Tu and Rocco Siffredi, created by Lateral under the creative direction of Roberto Tarditi, directed by Loic Montain and embellished with the music of Giorgio Spada. Video that tells the personal drama of that poor man who is in the presence of the legendary oversized, in the most unfortunate of places: a public toilet. Meetings that, rightly, change lives. The video, in a few days, has already touched the 400,000 views on Youtube. The most surprising part of the campaign is undoubtedly the poster, always with the creative direction of Roberto Tarditi and the artistic direction of Rosario Pisano: from Wednesday 12 March, in fact, Rocco enters a selected number of public toilets to pass his personal message of challenge to the unfortunate patron. Rocco will dominate, in the true sense of the word, male vespasians (i.e. urinals!) And will invite you to interact with the hashtag #quandoilgiocosifaduro through eight different subjects. A social wall, set up on Paddy Power's social channels, will allow you to aggregate the interactions that will come from the various Italian cities in an unusual mosaic of "oversized moments". Photography by Umberto Fratini.